Note of Thanks

I am emailing to let you know how much we appreciate the coupons and how much our family saves each trip to the store. At least 60-100$ a month if we plan it right.

Andrew and Kailey-Germany


I have been saving a lot since I started using coupons last year around October. I hit over 100 dollars savings till today. Also I share with the community here in Stuttgart.
Many thanks to all you that take your time and help all the families overseas.



Hi there! Just want to email you to say thank you guys so much for sending us coupons. You guys help us a lot! More power to you guys and God bless!




I wanted to share my shopping trip today.  Went to the store with a stack of coupons like I usually do and when I was scanning I was like man this is a lot!  Finally time to add in the coupons, I just was scanning and not really paying attention to how much it was going down – cause I couldn’t remember.  But anyway when my receipt printed it showed I saved $43!!!  That is the most I have ever saved!  So big thank you to you and all the coupon clippers!!
Happy shopper



Thank you very much! :)
I would like to let you know that it is thanks to all your effort in sending us coupons that as of last month, my family and I are now debt-free!
Thank you for all you do! You have helped us immensely!



Just wanted to let you all know that I saved $25 on my last commissary trip
(10% of my total bill) Thank you all very much!


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