Donating Coupons

Guidelines for Donating Coupons

Dates: We can only accept coupons that are current dates or expired up to four months.  An easy way to determine these dates is to take the current month and count backwards four months.  That month is the oldest expiration date on a coupon that we can accept.


Complete Coupon Inserts: If you are donating the entire coupon inserts as they came in the Sunday newspaper, please be sure the top page is intact.  On the spine of each insert, there is a date printed which is the date the insert came out in the paper.  This helps us quickly sort the inserts so that we clip the oldest inserts first.

Clipped coupons: As you are able, we ask that each coupon be trimmed on all four sides slightly inside the dotted line. Coupons should be sorted and packaged by month in plastic bags or junk mail envelopes.


Internet coupons:  We can accept internet coupons as long as the dates are within the four month window.

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